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Concerns Regarding Unprofessional Conduct Of A Psychologist

Inese Jurisa unprofisianality! Shame. Fraudster.
It is with great reservation that I express my concerns about a psychologist whose professionalism appears to be lacking. Instances of ethical breaches have been observed, including a blatant disregard for confidentiality, inappropriate interactions with clients, and a notable absence of empathy.

Confidentiality, a cornerstone of ethical practice, has been compromised in multiple instances. The psychologist has, on occasion, discussed sensitive client information outside the appropriate channels, jeopardizing the trust that is fundamental to the therapeutic relationship.

Furthermore, there have been reports of inappropriate relationships with clients, a clear violation of ethical boundaries. Such behavior undermines the integrity of the therapeutic process and raises serious questions about the psychologist's commitment to maintaining a safe and professional environment.

Empathy, a key element in any therapeutic relationship, seems noticeably absent. Clients have reported feeling unheard and misunderstood, which raises concerns about the psychologist's ability to provide effective and compassionate care.

It is essential to address these issues to ensure the well-being and trust of those seeking psychological support. It is my hope that these concerns will be thoroughly examined, and appropriate actions taken to uphold the standards of professionalism and ethical conduct in the field of psychology.

24 Mar 2024

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